Zip down your jacket so that your ski pass can be checked.What a hassle. Carry money while you ski or ride, and forget which of the 27 pockets you put it in. Why bother? We want convenience, we want simplicity, and we assume security.

I shall go on record to say I love the “idea” of RFID on the ski slope. The pass around my neck or in my pocket without having to pull it out from beneath layers of clothing. Fantastic.  And if that was all it was I would be fine with it.  However, having  knowledge of the information to which the ski pass is linked, I am less enthusiastic.  Name, address, birthdate, billing information, etc is only 2 steps away from having the RFID code. This code can be easily skimmed.

Some of the largest ski areas in the world are doing it.  Under the banner of customer benefit and convenience.  And why not, even the top consumer financial firms are driving RFID and consumer tracking.  What they don’t share, is how the market data you provide adds to their customer behavior models.  Nor do they share how easily this information can be skimmed without your knowledge.  No need to worry about the bandits taking skis and snowboards off the racks at the bottom of the mountain.  There are much easier, and profitable endeavors to be had in the age of RFID. Read the rest of this entry