With regard to RFID in ski passes, the ski industry has been looking at the convenience for the guests, and ability to collect clean data from them. There are two main types of RFID chips being used in the ski industry, 13.56 Mhz (HF) and 900 Mhz (UHF) chips. The HF – High Frequency chip can be used close range (<1 meters) as a lift ticket or “stored-value” card, while the 900Mhz can be used for longer range uses (tracking, mass reading in interrogation zones).

Apple's patent for a RFiD reader in the iPhone

Apple's patent for a RFiD reader in the iPhone

Resorts have been sold these benefits from the RFID vendors. It looks good on paper, but RFiD was designed as an open platform, rather than a secure platform.

As more information comes to light regarding RFiD such as the ability for the iPhone and Android devices to be equipped with RFiD readers will people tolerate it. My thought is yes, many will out of ignorance or indifference. The Ski Pass Defender is not made for them. It is designed for those who like the convenience of RFiD as a lift pass, but prefer to opt-out and/or better protect their privacy.

You won’t have to ask is that an iPhone, or are you just happy to read my RFID?

Here is how easy skimming can be: The Credit Cards are enabled with 13.56Mhz chips, the UHF 900Mhz can be read from longer distances.

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