The Ski Pass Defender is a protective sleeve that guards your RFID ski pass from being scanned, read or skimmed for personal information, until you want to get on the lift.

You should be able to choose when you want your movements tracked and personal information publicly available.

Many ski areas are implementing Radio Frequency Identification chips in their ski passes and lift tickets. While this lets them offer some great consumer options like tracking your movements and staying in touch with friends, they don’t offer an option to turn off tracking periodically. A Ski Pass Defender pass holder blocks RFID scanning until YOU want to use it.

Ski Pass Defender is a pass-holder designed to protect you against identity theft, and skimming and cloning of your personal information or your “Socket Key” code from your RFID-enabled ski pass. It will minimize tracking of your movements around the ski hill and the lodges, and is easily opened up for access to scanning to get on the lift.


SkiPassDefender gives YOU the option to be tracked and scanned – or not.

Keep your privacy private! It’s your option to opt-in or opt-out of tracking.
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